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900 series Bus Routes

Formerly known as Mobility Buses

900 series bus routes are designed for those who for those who find it difficult to use normal buses. They link major shopping areas or hospitals on various days of the week. Below is a complete list of 900 series routes that operate within London.

Timetables for all routes, in PDF forn, are available on the Greater London Bus Map website. Route 953 timetable can be found on the First London at First London Timetables and also on the London Bus Routes site in PDF format. You should be able to print these timetables onto a single sheet of A4 paper.

On each of the routes shown below, clicking on the route number will let you see the timetable and also routing details for each route. All pages have a link to the Busmap website and for the First London and Metrobus routes, a link to the First London Timetables and Metrobus websites.

A map of these services, produced by Mike Harris is available, for download on the Greater London Bus Map.

To view a list of places served by 900 series Bus Routes, click here


Service change from 31st August 2015

Route 965 diverted between Tolworth and Kingston via Kingsdowne Road, Lovelace Gardens, Balaclava Road and Surbiton.

931 - 965 - 969

Other Services - London Borough of Havering and Hackney Community Transport

ROUTE 931: Abellio London

Crystal Palace Bus Station, Dulwich Wood Park, Kingswood Drive, (Kingswood Estate Seeley Drive, Lyall Avenue, Bowen Road (loop served in this direction only)), Kingswood Drive, Fountain Road, Westwood Hill, Hillcrest Estate High Level Drive, then non-stop to, (Lewisham High Street Lewisham Centre (towards Lewisham)/Lewisham Molesworth Street (towards Crystal Palace)).

Fridays. One return journey to Lewisham.

ROUTE 965: London United

Riverhill, Worcester Park Road, Tolworth Station, Tolworth Roundabout, Tolworth Community Library, Tolworth Broadway, Tolworth Red Lion, Tolworth Red Lion, Ewell Road, Kingsdowne Road, Upper Brighton Road, Lovelace Gardens, Lovelace Road, St Mary's Road, Balaclava Road, Victoria Road, Surbiton Station, Claremont Road, Surbiton High School, Surbiton Crescent, Kingston University Penryhn Road, Kingston Brook Street, Kingston Eden Street, Kingston Station, (Kingston Cromwell Road Bus Station (towards Riverhill)), Kingston Sainsbury's.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. One return journey to Kingston.

ROUTE 969: Abellio London

(Whitton Gladstone Avenue, Rosecroft Gardens, Meadway, Lincoln Avenue (served in this direction only)), Chertsey Road, St Margarets Station, St Margarets Road, Richmond Bridge, (Richmond George Street (towards Roehampton Vale)/Richmond Bus Station (towards Whitton)), Richmond Sheen Road, Sheen Road, North Sheen Sheen Road, Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen Upper Richmond Road, Sheen Lane, East Sheen Library, Mortlake Station, Mortlake High Street, Barnes Bridge Station, Barnes High Street, Barnes Pond, Church Road, Barnes Red Lion, Rocks Lane, Barnes Station, Upper Richmond Road, Lennox Estate Arrabella Drive, Upper Richmond Road, Roehampton Lane, Roehampton University, Queen Mary's Hospital, South Thames College Roehampton Campus, Roehampton Earl Spencer, Roehampton Lane, Roehampton Vale ASDA.

Tuesdays and Fridays. One return journey to Roehampton Vale.

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